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BEE information

NH Hotels, South Africa aims to play a meaningful role in South African transformation and the black empowerment process to ensure sustainable future market growth and profitability. The growth of the South African tourism sector will largely depend on the extent to which black South Africans participate.

NH Hotels, South Africa aims to facilitate increased participation by enhancing its engagement with black individuals and black owned businesses as shareholders, guests, staff, suppliers and the community.

NH Hotels, South Africa acknowledges and endorses the important role of the hospitality industry in the development of historically disadvantaged communities and in contributing to the transformation process. A BEE committee was established to drive this broad-based BEE strategy into the future. Our strengths and weaknesses have been identified, and the BEE committee is well positioned to implement its transformation strategy in line with the Tourism BEE Charter.

We strive to form partnerships with host communities, sharing their environments, traditions and values. We are committed to working in an environmentally friendly way.

NH Hotels is a leading deluxe international hotel chain in Europe and is a market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. The group consists of 335 hotels in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa, including South Africa. We are therefore exempt from this BEE indicator.

We will investigate the viability of promoting black staff internally and implement a plan to ensure that we have sufficient black senior management to ensure that we have black representation at strategic representation level in years to come.

We define Employment Equity as The implementation of positive measures, both inside and outside the business, to improve the position of the traditionally disadvantaged sections of the work force and society at large.

The Act is a ´key´, an enabling tool, opening doors for staff by removing discriminatory barriers of the past. It will also give them access to training, new opportunities and promotion.

NH Hotels, South Africa will benefit by a more productive workforce, more effective training and motivated staff, to help make our company more efficient and competitive.

We will take employment equity action to address imbalances in staff mix of gender, race and disability by:

Changing employment practices to achieve a significantly different mix of people on all organizational levels;
Ensuring all staff are treated and managed in the same way, with regards to training, development, remuneration and other rewards, thereby providing opportunities for advancement on the basis of merit;
in order to:

Deliver real benefits to, and be perceived positively by, the target groups (designated groups, non-designated groups, all occupational categories and levels)
Improve the position of the community in which our work is located, and with which we are associated;
Enlarge the pool of people with talent inside and outside the business;
Create employment;
Utilize our human resources more effectively;
Create a more diverse and productive work force;
Create a work force that reflects the relevant labour market;
And benefit the business.

NH Hotels, South Africa has developed an Employment Equity Plan. Employment Equity targets are set with the Department of Labour on a five yearly basis, and goals to achieve these targets are compiled by representatives in an Employment Equity forum, with stakeholder agreement. NH Hotels, South Africa has set targets in each occupational category for 2011, and will work towards achieving these.

In accordance with our purpose, the training and development initiatives and related strategies are designed to support the achievement of overall business strategy and the fulfillment of personal goals.

The company is firmly committed to the development of people who have possibly been denied access to workplace structures.

The organisation appreciates the need for diversity in order to increase its competitive edge and it is committed to training and development strategies that will improve the standards both of NH Hotels, South Africa and of the industry as a whole.

We believe that to invest in and develop all our people will contribute to business sustainability and future returns.

We strive to:

Improve the quality of life of our staff;
Improve productivity in the workplace;
Use the workplace as an active learning environment;
Provide our staff with the opportunities to acquire new skills;
Encourage our staff to participate in Learnership Programme that lead to recognized occupational qualifications, NQ´s and other certifications;
Create a culture, style, structure and values, within which our people and teams can perform to their full capacity, thereby creating wealth for all stakeholders.

Every year, we recruit energetic individuals from the local community who share our passion and have the drive to succeed, to join our four-year in-service development programme. Management Trainees gain hands-on experience in the various operational departments of the hotel while Professional Cookery Trainees cross train in the various sections of the kitchen.

In each year of study, Trainees complete a 6-week theory block release at the Cape Town Hotel School in Granger Bay. After successfully completing four years of study, Trainees graduate with a Certificate in Hotel Management/Professional Cookery from the Cape Town Hotel School.

Our training program is based on the National Qualifications Framework as set out by THETA (Tourism Hospitality and Sports Education and Training Authority).

We aim to identify, develop and promote the sustainability of BEE businesses through procurement with the ultimate purpose of fostering entrepreneurship in black communities and increasing the participation of BEE supplier’s in the hospitality industry.

NH Hotels, South Africa will continue to switch its purchasing to black-owned, empowered and engendered companies, where possible.

NH Hotels, South Africa will continue to look for opportunities to subcontract some of its work to SMME (small, medium or micro enterprise) companies to assist with the development of their skills. Active skills transfer will be undertaken as and when possible to assist with this.

During NH Hotels, South Africa 2005 financial year, it donated 1% of its profit to charitable organizations as follows:

Erinvale Care Help Organisation (ECHO)
ECHO has assisted many of the disadvantaged communities in the Somerset West region, to improve their quality of life. ECHO offers mentoring and financial assistance to deserving students showing potential; maintains a children’s soup/sandwich canteen at a local primary school and supports community service projects.
Imibala Charity is an initiative to ensure the education of underprivileged children in the Helderberg Region of the Western Cape. By making a R500.00 donation, a child can be schooled for a year and provided with the necessary school uniform.
NH Hotels, South Africa has an ongoing association with ECHO and proudly extends their support to the Imibala Charity. An ideal way to signify a tri-unity alliance to educate, clothe and nourish the community.

Furthermore, NH Hotels, South Africa also contributes to, amongst others, the following institutions:

Hospice Helderberg
Hottentots Holland Hospital
Zandvliet Old Age Home
Macassar Haven for Children
Helderberg Society for the Aged
Helderberg Child Abuse Centre
Somerset West Night Shelter

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