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What does the Best Price Guarantee Mean? shows you the best net price for on-line room reservations, as well as all other net prices on all other NH domains in all different languages. We offer, in cases where a lower on line net rate with the same reservation conditions is found (specified in Terms and Conditions), this lower net price plus a 10% discount on the net price. In case the rate breakdown is not visible, or rate includes tax, difference of prices due to erroneous or incorrect round-ups will not be considered. In order to be eligible for our BAR Guarantee, the difference in prices must be above 2€. Differences below this amount will not be considered. * Best Available Rate Guarantee claims can only be submitted by the booker (the person who made the reservation, who may also be the guest). No claims can be submitted by anyone else on behalf of the guest listed in the reservation. Terms and conditions

How does the process work?

It is easy to apply for the Best Price Guarantee at Just follow the instructions, fill out the form and click “send”:

  1. Make a booking on or at any other www.nh-hotels web page with a different country domain (, ….).
  2. If you find a lower online net price (without VAT and other taxes) with the same conditions as NH (as specified in the Terms and Conditions) and in the same currency within 24 hours after the reservation date at NH Hotels, fill out the Best Price Guarantee claim form and send it to us. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to reservations made within 48 hours of the arrival date.
  3. Complete the Best Price Guarantee form and send it to We recommend that you attach a “screenshot” of the web page that shows the lower price (press the key “Impr.Pant/Petsis” or “Prtsc key” or “Command Shift-4” and paste).
  4. You will receive a response from NH within a maximum of 2 business days.
  5. Once we check that the lower rate on the other website complies with the Terms and Conditions, we will send you an email confirmation of the new reservation, which will have the lower net rate plus an additional 10% discount.
  6. If the application does not meet the necessary Terms and Conditions and is therefore not accepted by NH Hotels, we will send you an email justifying our answer.

Best Price Guarantee Claim form