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NH Environment


NH Environment

At NH The Lord Charles we define the “Environment” as the air, the land, water and the communities within and around which we operate. We recognize our national presence in this environmental experience with a sense of ownership to influence and lead in the hospitality industry.

We recognize the social role that we have to play in society; it is our duty to protect, conserve and save the environment. We recognize that our guests, employees, business and our community demonstrate our values and make this country and world an environmentally sustainable place to live in.

We recognize that the balance between social equality and development, environmental protection and economic stability and empowerment is the key to true sustainable development.

Green Template – August 2013

NH The Lord Charles is committed to minimizing its impacts on the environment by:

Adopting an open and transparent approach to sharing information about our environmental performance with stakeholders, interest groups, authorities and communities.
Allocating the appropriate resources within our company to give effect to this policy.
Complying with the requirements of all relevant environmental laws and regulations.
Conducting environmental education and awareness programmes to enable our employees to live our environmental policy.
Continuously improving our environmental performance, taking into account technical development, understanding customer needs and community expectations.
Effectively training all employees and contractors whose activities have a significant impact on the environment to ensure that the company’s policy is understood, implemented and maintained.
Establishing and improving relationships between NH The Lord Charles and the communities we serve, to foster an understanding of environmental issues and identify actions to achieve improved environmental outcomes.
Establishing effective communication on relevant environmental issues within the organization and between relevant parties.
Integrating environmental considerations into planning activities and business decisions with an environmental management system.
Making environmental performance a key issue in measuring managerial performance.
Promoting the adoption of this policy by contractors and suppliers acting on our behalf, and by binding them contractually to uphold relevant environmental laws.
Striving to reduce raw material consumption, minimizing pollution and the generation of waste, appropriate recovery, re-use and recycling of used material.
Through enacting our Environmental Management Plan and by achieving our targets, we demonstrate our commitment to best practice environmental management which minimizes our impact on the environment and prevents pollution. In providing our services, we seek to engage with our stakeholders, contractors and suppliers and work together to achieve our environmental objectives.

The Green Team is responsible for the co-ordination and the implementation of the development and follow-up of the Environmental Policy within NH The Lord Charles. Our senior leaders are empowered to ensure that the content and the spirit of this document are communicated, understood and acted upon within their departments.

NH The Lord Charles seeks continuous improvement in its environmental performance and encourages all managers and employees to take part in this process. The Environmental policy applies to all managers and employees in NH The Lord Charles.
This policy will be regularly reviewed and compliance is monitored.

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